The Bremerton Letterpress Company

We are a little print shop located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. Following a family tradition of creating things with our hands, I’ve set up my shop to incorporate my love of the printed work, my knack for collecting and working with “old” things, and my desire to add beauty to the world through my work and my interactions.

I am a graphic designer, letterpress printer, and shopkeeper. I treasure my little downtown neighborhood and the folks who are working to revitalize it. I also love connecting with clients and collaborators around the globe through my Etsy shop, website, and the various letterpress business forums I am a part of.

My work tends to reflect the part of the world I live in, as well as the various places I’ve been fortunate to visit. Patterns, color, nature and love inspire my designs.

Today I work out of a storefront studio, with my dog Tove. My husband and number one supporter Reier helps with press maintenance and art direction. We stock the shelves with our work and the creations of printers and artists we admire. We hope you’ll stop by and say hello.

Marit Bockelie

Tools of the Trade